Sanden’s Contribution to Achievement of SDGs


Mid-term Management Plan SCOPE 2023 and SDGs

The Sanden Group has incorporated “Contribute to achievement of SDGs through our business activities” as one of its priority measures in the Mid-term Management Plan SCOPE 2023. We believe that the SDGs are indispensable for the Group’s mission to meet international requirements and contribute to society. Therefore, we identify priority measures based on the vision advocated in SCOPE 2023, “Open up a new era and become a company that is trusted by all the people so that we will be able to create an enriched society in which environment and comfort are harmonized,” to clarify the relationship between SDGs and business activities. Sanden Group will seek to grow with corporate activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society.

Ideal Structure of Mid-term Management Plan

“To create the affluent society where the environment and comfort are in harmony, we will continue to open up a new era and become a company all the people trusts”


The Sanden Group will continue to grow to realize a sustainable society.

Enabling Comfortable Spaces that Enrich the Lives of People  pic1_title

The Sanden Group has envisioned “Enabling Comfortable Spaces that Enrich the Lives of People” as our aspiration for society in 2030 under the SCOPE2023 Mid-term Management Plan. Moreover, we are working to “Contribute to Achieving the SDGs through Business” as one of the core items of this Plan. We believe that SDGs initiatives are essential for the Group given that we acknowledge the demands of the global society and hold the mission of contributing to society.

Concentrating on the Field of “Integrated Thermal Management Systems” for EVs  
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Reducing CO2 emissions is an issue of global proportions. Although pursuing the wide-spread use of electric vehicles (EVs) on a global scale is critical for this purpose, energy efficiency has become a challenge for EVs. Integrated Thermal Management Systems precisely control cooling and the heat generated and recovered from automobiles, and offer the highest level of efficiency in the industry, thereby extending cruising distances. The Sanden Group is concentrating on Integrated Thermal Management Systems as a means of contributing to solutions for problems throughout the world.

Technological Development and Social Contributions Based on Proactive “Co-creation”  
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Compressors, heat exchangers, and other such devices, as well as the air-conditioning and heat pump systems that consist of a combination of these devices; development of next-generation systems as more sophisticated versions of these; and CASE and MaaS compatible devices that generates new value are the three fields that will support the Group’s growth. By optimally controlling each of these devices and systems, we will extend the cruising distances of EVs, which is currently an issue, and contribute to society through the development of environmentally-friendly technologies.

Contributions to Achieving the SDGs through Business  pic1_title


Following its completion in 2002, Sanden Forest has promoted the co-existence of the environment and industry, and received SEGES Excellent Stage 3 in 2008. Sanden Forest has continued these activities ever since, and received “Green Legacy” certification, the highest rank under the SEGES, in 2020. This recognition shows that the very principle of Sanden Forest is ESG management itself.