Company Principles

  • Means that we should use our intelligence in combining our developmental and pioneering abilities to win prosperity for us all.

  • Our management Principles have been the cornerstone of our employees' activities since the company‚Äôs founding

Established a vision to guide the business in the right direction, a mission to move the company forward strongly, and a slogan (action / mindset) to achieve those goals.

Corporate Philosophy

The Sanden Group will observe the following ten principles in full compliance with the laws, regulations and rules.

Basic Principles (Universal values shared by the global community)

  • Good Corporate Citizenship and Harmony with Society
    We will grow as good corporate citizens, trusted by society and harmony with the international community.
  • Respect for Human Rights
    We will build a corporate culture founded on respect for all individuals and human rights.
  • The Environment
    We will endeavor to preserve the environment in every aspect of our corporate activities to ensure that future generations will inherit our beautiful, irreplaceable earth.
  • Corporate Ethics
    We will conduct our corporate activities in a spirit of sincerity and fairness based on a strong sense of ethics.
  • Safety and Health
    We will enable our employees to achieve a healthy life style by creating an environment that assures their health and safety.

Basic Stance toward Stakeholders

  • Customers
    We will stand on the admired ability of engineering development and manufacturing, can offer products, systems and services, based on the QUALITY FIRST, that provide constant satisfaction to our customers around the world.
  • Employees
    We will grow together with our employees by creating an organizational culture that encourages free and vigorous communication imbued with a spirit of respect for humanity in line with our corporate culture of challenge and innovation
  • Shareholders and Investors
    We will respond to the trust and expectations of our shareholders and investors by expanding the Sanden Group, enhancing our corporate value and making our management more transparent.
  • Communities
    We will respect regional customs and cultures around the world and contribute to the social and cultural development of the communities, which we are related with.
  • Suppliers
    We will grow together with our suppliers as business partners who provide our customers with the best possible products, systems and services on the basis of fair and transparent relationships.