Business summary

Automotive Systems

Sanden started development of compressors and heat exchangers in 1971, when the age of full-swing motorization was imminent in Japan, with a firm belief that air conditioning systems would become absolutely indispensable for cars. Sanden has established a structure by which it can develop, manufacture, and distribute Automotive systems in four regions, in Asia, the Americas, and Europe in addition to Japan, and Sanden now enjoys 25 percent of global market shares for Automotive air conditioning compressors.

Sanden’s Automotive air conditioning systems, and various types of their components are all developed, designed, and manufactured from a viewpoint of protecting the global environment. Sanden continues to pursue energy conservation, efficiency, and comfort to produce human- and society-friendly systems. Sanden, which is looking after global development, will continue its untiring endeavors aiming toward the construction of a truly comfortable motorized society.

Retail Systems

Characteristics of products Ensuring safety of foods and reduction of environmental burdens are imperative factors for the development of showcases. Sanden’s showcases are designed not only to supply delicious and safe foods with well preserved freshness, but to ensure easy maintenance by store staff and to contribute to environmental conservation.

Sanden will continue to make it a theme for manufacturing showcases to provide support for the creation of stores that will please customers as well as always remaining aware of the importance of environmental conservation.

Vending Systems

The history of Sanden’s vending machines started with the development of fountain-type vending machines for juice in 1961. Thereafter, it has succeeded in developing vending machines one after the other for milk beverages, cup-noodles, ice cream and cup-coffee and has grown to become a pioneer in the industry. Vending systems have become indispensable for society now to support comfortable consumer life.

Sanden’s vending systems have been developed and designed by focusing on global environment conservation and it earned a reputation as a top runner in the industry. It is also manufacturing and distributing globally American “Vendo” brand machines. Overall, it now enjoys 30 percent global market shares.