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Opening of ‘SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam’Sanden to Enhance Development Capability and Resources Development
July 10, 2019

Opening ceremony of SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam

 Sanden Automotive Components Corporation (Representative Director and President: Tsuguo Ito; head office: Chiyada-ku, Tokyo, Japan) (SDAC) established ‘SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam’, a development assistance company in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and held the opening ceremony on July 3rd inviting local university and government officials.

 SDAC, as a manufacturer of the compressors for automotive air conditioning, is offering high-quality products, systems, and services to various customers around the world. In order to enhance development capability and resources development including handing down of skills for technical development, SDAC opened SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam. This technical center is mainly responsible for implementing infrastructural development tasks, such as drafting with CAD and preparation of machining program with CAM. SDAC also intends to accelerate reinforcement of development structure through global vertical specialization so that it will be able to devote its resources to advanced development of electric driven compressors for electric vehicles and reinforce its development structure.

 SDAC will contribute to further development of Vietnam by promoting people-to-people exchange as well as giving technical guidance through collaboration with the local university.

  Outline of SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam -
 Company name : SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam
 Location : Vincom Center, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
 Company form : Single-member limited liability company
             based on the enterprise act of Vietnam
 Capital : 15 million yen
 Stakeholder : SDAC (100%)
 Board of Directors : Hidehiko Shimizu (President)
               Hideyuki Maruyama (Company Auditor)
 Number of employees : 15 in the initial year

◆ Comment by Mr. Tsuguo Ito, President of SDAC 
 We have added a new technical development hub in Vietnam. SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam is established as one of the forms of our response to drastically changing automotive industry and pursuit of companywide reforms. By promoting global vertical specialization from this new technical center, we will reform our development process, develop engineering resources, and enhance our development capability toward business growth.

◆ Comment by Mr. Khan, Associate Dean of Vietnam National University
 The establishment of SANDEN Technical Center of Vietnam is really significant. I have been waiting for this day since I heard the idea of global vertical specialization from Sanden. Vietnam is a treasure-house of resources, and Vietnam National University has a large enrollment of excellent students. I believe Sanden will be able to enhance its development capability by fully utilizing these advantages of Vietnam. I’m looking forward to ‘collaborative creation’ with Sanden in future years.

After ribbon-cutting, the attendees drew an eye of a ‘daruma’ doll.