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Masayoshi Ushikubo Receives "The Commander Order of Merit of the Italian Republic"
February 20, 2018

Honorable Chairman Mr. Masayoshi Ushikubo, Special Adviser, received the Commander Order of Merit of the Italian Republic on January 13th, 2017 on behalf of employees of SVE (SandenVendo Europe S.p.A.) and SVI (SandenVendo Italy under Sanden International Europe). They were highly evaluated for their remarkable achievement and tremendous contribution to the economic growth as well as the regional community of Italy.
The Order of Merit of the Italian Republic is considered as the senior order of knighthood and highest ranking honor system of the Republic. The Order is awarded for "merit acquired by the nation" in the fields of the arts, literature, economy, social, philanthropic and humanitarian activities.

Commander is the prestigious title after Knight Grand Cross and Grand Officer which are granted to foreigners.

The award ceremony was held at the Italian Embassy in Tokyo on February 20th, 2018 and the award is handed directly by Honorable Giorgio Starace, Ambassador of the Italian Republic.
Sanden Holdings Corporation acquired Vendo group in 1988 including the Coniolo factory which has been operating since 1965 in Piedmont, Italy. Currently SVE and SVI are producing vending machines and supply them to the beverage manufacturers and operators in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Since establishment, they have contributed greatly to the Italy through public events, social activities and the preservation of the environment as well as creating regional level employment. Those activities bring immeasurable implications to the establishment of business and friendship between Italy and Japan.