Heat Exchangers

The heat exchangers are a key component of heat pump systems and HVAC units.
Sanden was successful in developing light weight heat exchangers with thinner wall,
and has been deploying small and high performance ones to the markets.
Sanden has established its production bases for heat exchangers in Japan, China, and Asia, and supplies them globally.

  • Outside Heat Exchanger for Heat Pump System
    Outside Heat Exchanger for Heat Pump System

    Sanden's original technology, the structure of heat exchanger that allows refrigerant to flow vertically, improves heating efficiency and drainage, and increases the cruising distance especially in winter.

  • Inside Condenser for Heat Pump System
    Inside Condenser for Heat Pump System

    The inside condenser for heat pump system, which has a multi-layered structure to improve the temperature distribution, achieves downsizing and higher performance so that it can contribute to increasing the heating efficiency.

  • Condenser

    Sanden's thin-wall multipass condenser achieves higher performance.

  • Evaporator

    Sanden's compact multipass evaporator achieves higher performance by homogenizing the temperature distribution in the core.
    Also, Sanden developed the multipass evaporator with cooling storage function, which contributes to maintaining the normal operation of air conditioning during idle reduction mode of passenger vehicles.

  • Heater Core
    Heater Core

    Light weight is realized by reducing wall thickness, and high performance is achieved by homogenizing the temperature distribution of core.

  • Intercooler

    The air-cooled intercooler that draw out the potential of turbo engines.
    High performance is achieved by expanding the internal heat transfer area, and the weight is reduced by adopting a resin tank which is compatible with complex shapes.