HVAC Units

The HVAC units are a core component of automotive air conditioning systems, and is used in various vehicles such as passenger cars and trucks, as well as in industry machinery such as construction machinery and agricultural machinery.
Sanden has established its production bases for HVACs in Japan, China, Europe, and Asia, and supplies them globally.
Note: HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

  • HVAC Unit for Automotive
    HVAC Unit for Automotive

    Sanden has developed the compact HVAC units with high capacity and quietness by adopting the compact high-performance heat exchangers and the high-efficiency blowers developed in-house.

  • HVAC Unit for Industrial Machine
    HVAC Unit for Industrial Machine

    Sanden has been providing a wide range of HVAC units for industrial machinery to the world-leading construction machinery and agricultural machinery manufacturers.
    Also, Sanden has been working to expand its market share by meeting the unique needs of industrial machinery, such as superior maintainability.