Fixed Displacement Type Compressors

The fixed displacement compressors have been produced since the start of business.
They have excellent durability and efficiency, and are still trusted and used by many customers today.

Wobble Plate Type (SD series)

SD compressors compression system implements robust drive mechanism with its unique reciprocating piston motion.
 Extended durability capability enables SD compressors to become highly popular with the world's top shares in the truck, bus and construction machinery compressor markets.

  • SD

    SD is a wobble plate type fixed displacement compressor.
    A wide range of capacity variations are available to match customer needs.

    Discharge capacity 80cc 90cc 100cc 110cc 130cc 140cc 150cc

Scroll Type(TR series)

The compression system that uses a unique mechanism to convert rotational motion into orbiting motion of a scroll part is used for TR series compressors.
High efficiency, low operation noise, and high durability at high engine speeds are achieved by using this compression system.
Sanden started the mass production of this type of compressor for the first time in the world in 1981. The scroll technology is also utilized in the electric compressors.

  • TRS

    TRS is a highly efficient scroll type compressor with high versatility.
    The models equipped with an oil separator can be operated with a smaller amount of oil circulating in an air conditioning system, so that the cooling efficiency increases.

    Discharge capacity 50cc 80cc 100cc 120cc
  • STR

    STR is a compact and lightweight scroll compressor.
    The number of parts has been reduced by simplifying the scroll orbiting mechanism and the oil separator function, so that weight reduction and downsizing have been achieved.

    Discharge capacity 50cc 80cc
  • [Refrigerant discharge capacity]
    The larger the refrigerant discharge capacity, the larger the cabin space that can be cooled.