Electric Compressors

The electric compressors are used for the hybrid and electric vehicle application.
The scroll type compression mechanism is used in order to ensure efficient compression.
In addition, low noise impact and low environmental load are achieved by combining with a high-performance motor and inverter.
They can also be used in an air conditioning systems for trucks during parking to ensure a comfortable cabin temperature without the engine running and consuming fuel.

  • 2nd Generation
    2nd Generation

    2nd Generation is a general-purpose model that can be used for a wide range of heating and cooling operating conditions (e.g., heat pump systems).
    This type of electric compressors can be used on 24V electric trucks and 48V mild hybrid vehicles, and are widely available in the aftermarket.

    Discharge capacity 15cc 33cc 33cc
    Voltage 24v 48v High voltage
  • 3rd Generation
    3rd Generation

    3rd Generation is a compact, lightweight, and low noise model.
    This type of compressors are used in a wide range of vehicles,
    including hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles, and is offered mainly in Japan and China.

    Discharge capacity 27cc 33cc
    Voltage High voltage High voltage
  • 4th Generation
    4th Generation

    4th Generation is a large-capacity, high-efficiency, and high-durability model adaptable to the integrated thermal management systems, and is widely available around the world.

    Discharge capacity 33cc 45cc
    Voltage High voltage High voltage
  • [Refrigerant discharge capacity]
    If the refrigerant discharge capacity of a compressor is large enough,
    it is possible not only to cool / heat a large cabin space,
    but also to cool batteries and other components.