IR policy

Sanden is carrying out shareholder and investor relations (IR) activities based on the following basic policies.

Information Disclosure Standards

Sanden discloses corporate information in an appropriate manner in accordance with legally stipulated disclosure systems, such as those based on Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Law and other laws, as well as in accordance with the timely disclosure system based on the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Even in the case of information not covered by the statutory and timely disclosure systems, Sanden fairly and promptly discloses information that may significantly affect investment decisions.

Information Disclosure Methods

With respect to information disclosed based on timely disclosure rules, Sanden discloses information through the TDnet service provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange as well as by promptly issuing press releases. The information published via TDnet and other media is promptly posted on the Company's website.
In addition, Sanden informs institutional investors in Japan and overseas about the Group's operating results and general business situation through the issuance of annual reports and other publications.

IR Silent Periods

To prevent the leakage of financial information and to ensure fairness of information disclosure, Sanden has adopted a “silent period” that begins from the day following the last day of each quarterly accounting period and ends the day on which the financial statements for the period are released. During this period, the Company will not make any comments nor respond to any questions concerning its business results for the relevant period.