The heat exchanger for engines

Inter Cooler

An air-cooled Inter Cooler exploiting the
potential capacity of a turbo-engine utilizing
Sanden’s original heat exchange

  • It offers high performance with its internal heat transfer dimension being expanded
  • It has been made lightweight with a resin tank being adopted and available for complex shapes
  • It has a sophisticated and high-quality appearance, offering an image of high performance

Oil Cooler MF Type

It achieves high resistance to pressure
as well as its light weight simultaneously
at a higher level and also excellent heat
release performance by paralleling circuit.

  • Achieved high resistance to pressure by making multi-flow possible
  • Simpler piping layout is available by making it small in size and highly efficient

Oil Cooler Serpentine Type

  • It makes effective use of car space possible because flexible design is available for its shape
  • It can respond to the need of high-mix, low-volume production