Sanden establishes new company in Mexico
February 05, 2013

Sanden Corporation establishes a new company, Sanden Manufacturing Mexico (SMM hereafter) in Saltillo City, Mexico to commence full operation from 1st April. SMM strengthens our capability against currency exchange rate fluctuations and reduces manufacturing cost by in house localization of key components of compressor for automotive air-conditioner, in North America. SMM also strengthens our assembly and supply capability of compressor for customers in South America.

Currently, Sanden International USA (SIA hereafter) produces compressors for automotive air-conditioner for North American market, in Wylie City, Texas. SMM strengthens SIA’s competitiveness by supplying its key components. And the compressor SMM assembles is variable type which suits requirements of European car manufacturers who already have established manufacturing bases in South America. This operation will strengthen our assembly and supply capability for South American market which is known with sustainable growth.

SMM site area is 30,000㎡ with its building area of 20,000㎡ and investment by 2014 is planned with 3.5 billion Japanese Yen.

【Outline of Sanden Manufacturing Mexico】
  Location: Saltillo City, Mexico
 Representative: Yoshihiro Tachikawa
 Capital: 185M Mexican Peso (14M US$)
 Investment ratio: Sanden Corporation 99%, SIA 1%